How much are milage rate write offs in 2024

2024 Mileage Rates are Here!

Published: 01/12/2024

Mileage rates for travel are now set for 2024. The standard business mileage rate increases by 1.5 cents to 67 cents per mile. The medical and moving mileage rates are now 21 cents per mile. Charitable mileage rates remain unchanged at 14 cents per mile.

2024 New Mileage Rates

2024 Mileage Rates

Here are the 2023 mileage rates for your reference.

2023 Mileage Rates

To note

  • These rates apply to gas, electric, hybrid-electric and diesel-powered vehicles.
  • You cannot claim mileage as an itemized deduction as an employee that is not reimbursed for travel expense.
  • Mileage deduction for moving expense is not allowed unless you are an active member of the Armed Forces and are ordered to move to a new permanent duty station.

Remember to properly document your mileage to receive full credit for your miles driven.

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